GSAudio provides LIVE EVENT recording services.   Location recordings can be simple stereo setups or can be high resolution multi-track recordings.   Typical engagements range from solo performances, small ensembles, to large multi-group concerts and festivals.   Clients have us record “live events with audience” or “locked out” sessions without audience. We use our access to many great sounding buildings around the world to attain great products for everyone.   Combining custom built microphones, cables, preamps, and recorders reveals what we like about music in the first place!

 “I just crossed the 35 year mark of providing my clients with professional Live Recordings!   I still really enjoy the challenge of capturing and producing great recordings in all kinds of intense live situations and challenging acoustic environments.  The staff and interns go thru detailed preparations and hard fought on-site battles to get good results and then prepare files for archival quality recordings.  We then can edit, mix, and master those recordings into products.” GS

After the initial capture on location, data is imported into detailed templates in the studio computers.   All formats, all resolutions, all file types are supported here.   The majority of our clients hire us to perform edits and mix the live recordings.  From there we can do noise removal, spectral work, advanced editing, mixing, mastering, and file preparation for replication.  Depending on the end product, we master specifically for each medium.  Clients also take advantage of our design team that provides digital artwork and duplication services.  

Blending the old equipment with modern new technology has yielded my very best recordings so far and we are headed full steam into many great new projects.

GSAudio Location Recordings provides the following:

  • Live Event Location Recording
  • Stereo 2-track & Multi-track PCM/DSD available
  • Complete “work up” in studio system after initial recording
  • Complete Mixing and Mastering available for all projects
  • Photography, Artwork Development, and Product Replication can be included in pricing and product development


“The Experimental Electronic Music Laboratory was renovated 8 years ago.  Since that rebuild and some deep equipment modifications, I have been busy working on many diverse recording projects and also taking the time to experiment with some personal music projects.

I have done many things in my life so far and this is certainly a highlight for me. I am humbled by the help that was afforded to me from staff, contractors, and mentors to attain such a crazy goal.

The large collection of new and old microphones and all of the instruments that were modified and restored over the past 35 years are now together in one place.

Special thanks must be given for the over the top efforts of all my staff and friends who made this happen.”   GS

Studio highlights:

  • We have hosted studio projects for 35 years and together with clients we have produced hundreds of successful projects.
  • Clients range from composers,fine arts organizations, to pop/rock/electronic music and sound tracks.
  • Avid ProTools with MTRX interfaces and professional hard drive arrays. Gear includes: Digital Audio Denmark, AEA, CraneSong, SPL, and Harrison Series10 Preamps.  Complete digital pathways for ITB mixing.  Analog stems can be sent to multiple analog summing choices or a combination of both Digital and Analog for the widest possible audio color palette.  Monitoring is via Crane Song Avocet II for listening on ATC 150Pro/Bag End Stereo Subs and NS10s for monitors.
  • Shure, Sonodore, AEA, Coles, Telefunken, Sennheiser, AKG, Josephsen, and Neumann and many more microphones.
  • Outboard gear from Crane Song, SPL, Neve, API, TubeTech, Manley, Radial, Universal Audio, Weiss, Yamaha, TC Electronic, Quantec, Eventide, etc.
  • The Rapco Custom Shop and GSA Tech have wired the entire facility and pathways include copper, midi, fibre, hdsdi, and dante wiring infrastructures.
  • One of the largest midi Installations of noise making devices in the Midwest.  All fired up and ready to record always and at all times.  New instruments like the Solaris are here sitting beside the older units like the Moogs, all the Juno’s,DX7s, Korgs, and old wurly’s, clav’s, and other oddities going back to the 70’s.  All are ready to go.  It took a lifetime to get this all sorted and we run it all like a race car team going for the win!

The Experimental Electronic Music Laboratory could never have been accomplished without my friends and mentors guiding me along the way.  Sadly, many have left me sitting here in a room full of wondrous music machines…..Here’s to you all and thanks!

RIP:   Adam McPhail, Curt Blaesing, Walter Sear, Pat Fleming, Ed Turley, Doug Nelson , Billy Franzee, Ed Cherney, Wilhelm Ibes, Steven Burke, Bruce Swedien, Tom Strating, Timothy Fitch, Phil Schively, Al Schmidt, Chad Ruble, Dave Hill, and my two Harrison series 10b’s!