This all didn’t just start today!

My fascination with machines and sound equipment, starting with the tuning of frequencies with my father’s ham radio, has remained part of my life since I was 4 years old as seen here in the picture .

The recording equipment has taken nearly 25 years to collect, assemble, and learn how to use to capture sounds well.   The instruments have taken a life time to procure and the audio techniques have taken years to develop…… this all started a long time ago and is simply continuing.   I think this common trait of constant learning and progressing forward using both old and new techniques is typical of my clients, including artists we work with for sound recordings, and technology designs and integration we produce for local building projects.



Currently we are working on many projects ranging from acoustic consulting and installations to pool audio systems…..from baseball stadiums to digital signage guiding guests throughout facilities….from being in the studio recording music projects to mastering of concert recordings…..from live on-site recordings of choirs, mezzo-soprano’s, and fine classical pianists………….it just is an endless stream of interesting projects that we are thankful to be a part of.   Please feel free to contact us with your project ideas.    Gerry

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Our team is proud of the multi-use spaces we have designed and implemented around the country.  We train and empower youth volunteers and they can run the whole show fearlessly with me watching from a far.  “how are you doing I ask……fine! DUH!  This is easy Gerry!”    I love that part.    Gerry