the boom twang crash is gone!

Hey Gerry, I just wanted to tell you that at church on Sunday something was missing.   For the last ten years (since the new church was built) my wife and I have seen a worship band playing in front of us, but all we heard was boom, twang, crash, whoosh, and thud!   On Sunday when the band started their first song every head turned in the place and looked at each other in shock because they could actually hear what the band was playing and what Mandy was singing.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 10 YEARS!   After service many of the patrons asked when we got a entire new sound system, which of course we did nothing to as you know.

Please tell your team thank you again for their great work on the acoustics and stage curtains.   It has changed the whole worship experience at our facility.

PS  Now I am thinking of playing congas if my wife will allow it!

Building Committee Member 2016