Xmas cookies are gone……but music live’s on…..

We made it thru 2016 Christmas concert recording season!   And that is not always easy.

This year we are grateful to all of our clients who invited us to record, produce, and distribute all of the diverse set of Christmas music projects this season.    It is a marathon run…… to not only make it in the nick of time, thru long chains of traffic snakes, thru the snowy night weather, past all of the slow driving idiots and delayed flights…….and make it in the nick of time to the great and imaginative concerts that we get to record.

After the live recordings are captured, we pull them into the studio mainframe and begin editing, mixing, and mastering of the recordings.   Conductors, program directors, and soloists then get listening copies for review and from there final preparations, including artwork, licensing and replication takes place at a rapid-deep into the nighttime-pace.   One day after another for 45 straight days working thru over 60 projects to finish…….it really is good to have such great clients and music to work on.

I would like to say one thing though…………HEY YOU, the big guy who coughed all the way thru that concert Friday night without regret….without putting your mouth on your sleeve or leaving to the back…you who coughed loudly approximately 2 feet closer to my microphones than the orchestra was……….hey you, big guy……..If I see you again next year I am coming for you!  That cough took me almost 40 hours to fix in protools!    haha.  No really Not Funny!   haha.   Well actually, kind of funny.



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