Quarry your own stones!

During 2016, one of our clients The Quarry in Monticello Minnesota expanded into a new facility that was once a car dealership.    During phase one of this project, we were able to work with staff and volunteers and reworked the sales floor into a full-blown worship center.

With the great talents of Mr Schwinghammer working alongside of Mr White,  the two added a new stage complete with LED lighting package, reworked and re-rigged PA systems, and projection and presentation systems.    Going further and to eliminate old and out-of-date equipment, new digital soundboard, new stage monitors, and new processing completed these upgrades.

A large cement room with a huge glass wall is always tough when you hear a snare drum in your face!

Working with two outstanding volunteers Mike & Dan, we were able to customize an affordable approach to acoustics.   Using state of the art semi rigid insulation panels above the stage and along side walls, and a complex fabric curtain package, we were able to reduce room nodes and reverberations and allow the band to actually have some fun on stage with good clear sound from the new monitors.   No plexiglas in front of the drumkit, etc etc.   No in-ears plugging yours ears and listening to yourself!  Just a good and musical stage and PA sound.

As phase two developed into fruition, we moved into distributed video systems using AJA and Samsung 4k large LED displays.   Classrooms received displays and micro PCs for educational content.   Lighting fixtures from the old building were re-installed in new creative design and the new coffee/bistro area and main entrance received signage digital displays.

After the Grand Opening, long naps were taken, maybe a couple mornings we slept late, and we just tried to forget the chinese buffet down the road.    Many thanks to the volunteers, the staff, the contractors that helped us complete this project.   Watch the Quarry grow from here on!


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