Discovery Sauk Rapids…….a few winter upgrades!

We were back to Discovery Church in Sauk Rapids for some upgrades at the end of 2016.    This is a vibrant and dynamic church with great pastors and worship team.    It has been 4 years since we worked on this new building project and it was great to re-visit the building bones and infrastructures, test everything, and propose some new technology to keep it cutting edge and consistent.

The first thing we do is review everything that gets used the most and in front of people!   This means all wireless headsets, bodypacks, instrument jacks, lighting fixtures, touch panels, sound boards, cords, computers, etc.    After a quick review, we identified the equipment to replace and also the new technology to provide.    And here we go!

Working in three phases, we provided new sound upgrades including Digital Sound board with Ipad control, new in-ear monitoring,  new microphones,  new instruments, and did many software updates.   The second phase brought in additional robotic lighting, bulb and ceramics fixture replacements, projector and presentation upgrades, and reprogramming.   The third and final phase included new HD robotic multi-camera systems which include live streaming and one touch button HD recording.   All of these upgrades will greatly enhance Discovery as it hosts not only church events, but a wide variety of community events.

We wish to thank all the staff and great volunteers that support us through these upgrades!  If you haven’t checked out a service or event at Discovery Sauk Rapids, DO IT!



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