BB pushes forward

Pastor Rob and music teams at Becker Baptist acquired some new equipment to continue their successful push into combining traditional and modern ideas in their vibrant (and packed!) worship services.   The new Yamaha digital mixing board with programmed presets and recall is the latest addition to the great AV systems that have been installed over the past 5 years.   Reg and the teams have ipad control of the entire system which allows better sound through teamwork.

Think of it this way……If you have a new sound operator running the console during church, it is fantastic to have a senior audio team member sitting out in the pews and “watching along the way and correcting” audio mixes and cues on the ipad WITH the new team member seeing those moves at the console and at the same time.    We train on this constantly and it is really having a great effect in lifting up the quality week to week.    We are about consistency in the spoken word portions of the services week to week and allowing the music portion to ebb and flow, change and evolve during services.   Amateurs need help doing this and the new digital mixing boards controlled by ipads, iphones, and even remote control by network, has helped tremendously.

Across the property from the church is a newly renovated youth center which we have played key roles in developing.   With new leadership from Pastor Kevin, this space will take on many youth and adult events now and in the future.   Multi purpose spaces are key to church growth in small communities and we are glad to be a part of creating a space for kids and sub-30 aged kids to do their own thing!

Go BB go! What a great church!



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