The small towns are the best…….

Jeremy and I and staff have enjoyed working on a small project in a small town this past week.   St Stephen Parish in Central Minnesota suffered a lightning strike which took down several components in their sound system and we were glad to meet the staff and patrons during this repair.

We have encountered many “electrical overages” in building projects.   This one was interesting in that everything appeared to be normal but after closer inspection many wires were damaged.   Sometimes we would go 30 feet before finding the wire jacketing completely blown apart and smoked.  Many of the low voltage wires were 98% until being completely destroyed.    So long story short, Jeremy supervised as the electricians repaired and replaced the wiring safely and effectively.  New equipment was installed and the old speaker systems came alive.

Thanks to all involved including:   Joel & Shari, Father Bob, The Daytime Quilters (u wild bunch!), Tommy at JT,Dean, and Leroy.


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