Creative thinking in tough environments

Jeremy White, the lead integrator and audio video lighting consultant for GSAudio, said this to me yesterday…….”all it will take is some creative thinking in this tough environment”…………….”and a 100 plus hours of your time gerry!”  He was referring to repairing and replacing an old PA system in a huge gothic style cathedral.    With over 300 installation projects complete in the last 10 years, he understands that this part of my mission can really take up some personal time.

The repair would require risking our lives on a boomed out hydraulic lift 63 feet high to get to ceiling area where we would then attach and dismount from the bucket.   We would then scale down beams in the full OSHA regulated regalia of straps and harnesses to reach the problematic speakers.   From there we would rig steel cabling to two ton lift motors above the old hanging dinosaur of PA and take tension up to lift it from it’s position and lower to the scaffolding built above the ancient hand carved ornate wood sculpture from the year 1867 directly below.   The scaffolding would then be rolled away and the dinosaur then lowered to the main aisle.   New speakers would be installed in several new “reachable for easy service” locations.

In the Monday morning meeting that Jeremy went to, all glassy eyed from extra coffee and a long weekend flying around the country mixing gigs, the first time client said to him…..”We need this to happen before Sunday because “The Bishop is coming  Sunday so tell Gerry that!”

Alas, the Bishop got good sound and we slept all Sunday afternoon.



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