Leave the Youth’s alone!

Busy busy busy…..as usual around here.

We were able to spend the final part of 2015 finishing a long overdue install project at Calvary Community Church’s Youth Room.    We worked with a fabulous team of church staff and volunteers to lead Pastor Josh Johnson’s goal of revamping his entire space.

Lead integrator Jeremy White led the team of local subcontractors to completion and after all was complete, we were thrilled to be a part of it.  Basically this project took on and beat the elements that are stopping many churches and school districts, civic buildings, and hotels from updating……..REINFORCED CONCRETE and HEAVILY GLUED VINYL FLOORING!  YUCK!!

We encounter so many clients that want to knock down cinder block walls, delete old crappy low suspended ceilings, tear up flooring etc, but are limited by their boards or staff, budgets or disputes.   Not on this one.   The client knew that it could be done with hard work and did it.   We owe the success of this project to the youth who filled four 40 yard dumpsters with material and stuff we beat into submission.   We owe the staff who only with simple quick verbal updates and simple questions were able to step back and flow from beginning to end gracefully.    We owe the senior volunteers who provided historical knowledge of building systems, additions, construction techniques, and endless inspiring stories.

And in the end, the kids rule this domain.   Once we were done with the construction phase, we gave it right back to the kids who use it.

I believe the youth need their own space at a church.   This space should be ruled by them, have their own food and beverage systems, small group meeting spaces, high technology and kick ass sound/video/lighting.   Their spaces should scale up and down to meet a wide variety of youth events all without aide from adults.   Oh yeah, and if adults need to use the room once in awhile, which is very typical in our projects because of high growth rates in our completed projects, each room can easily be programmed and reset for adults and in minutes can be back to a youth room.    Leave the kids alone and they will stay longer than you ever imagined in these spaces.   Micromanage the youth programs and watch them dwindle!

Special thanks to Josh,Matthew,Steve,Cindy, Laura, Richard, Ronnie, Tim, MikeH,Lonny, & Chase!


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