Epic extended season in studio……..

As all of you musicians and artist friends know, the month of January for Minnesota “creatives” is supposed to be a time of hibernation, day sleeping, primetime movies streaming from late morning until dinner time with zero guilt…….a time to recover from Nov-Dec insane gig schedules and frenetic holiday projects.   Cold and gray January’s a time to count the pennies, work out how to make it until Spring with those rarified pennies, and dream big of the countless great projects you can produce successfully, and finally get that long overdue Grammy award for!   OR this could happen……..

We have been still going with Christmas concert edits, duplication, and more edits!  GSAudio recorded and produced 39 Live Concert Recordings and 4 Holiday projects for clients in January!  What the?   Many clients are taking advantage of the new studio’s outstanding ability to take old and new recordings and remix and remaster them in cohesive products.   Clients have been busy producing next season’s product now, which has been absolutely great.    A big shout to the our business partnership with Noiseland Industries and especially Dan Miggler and Andrew Volna for the fantastic design and replication from our masters.   Anyway, xmas has lasted longer this year than ever before and we all need long undisturbed sleep but remain thankful and inspired by the diversity of projects.  Thankyou to all.  Gerry

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