Father Robert Koopmann, OSB CDs are released!

After more than a year of work which included multiple recording sessions on location at the Campus of St Johns University, Father Bob Koopmann’s 3 CD projects have been released.

During the 2014-2015 Father Bob traveled to Japan where he played several concerts.  One was recorded and from that I was able to make the LIVE IN JAPAN CD.    The basic recording was quite poor with low levels and a lot of extraneous noise that was louder than the actual piano performances.

The new studio is equipped with some of the best noise removal softwares on the planet and it capable of complete forensic audio restorations from any format.  Those include vinyl,cassette tape, reel to reel, adat,dat and other mediums.   After injection into the computer system using the absolute highest quality input device and sample rate possible, we begin to look for ways to improve the signal to noise ratio and also hone in on sounds that occur in the recording that are not supposed to be there.  In this case,  Japanese crowds were very quiet but would once in awhile make jostling sounds that would overtake the piano performance.   We can provide spectral repair and noise removal for just those particular sounds, which helps to reveal the piano performance.

The other two CDs, O HOLY NIGHT, which is a solo piano improvisation project where Father Bob would reflect on a traditional seasonal composition and then quite immediately perform an improvisation of that song.   The second being LEAD KINDLY LIGHT is also based on improvisations of existing spiritual pieces.  This CD creates a great meditative atmosphere and provides an uplifting ambient background for the busy life we lead.

These were truly inspirational recording sessions and to see a wonderful pianist searching and finding, creating, and forming new versions of existing music on the spot was fantastic.

You can purchase these CDs at the St Johns University Bookstore online.


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