Staffers move onward and hopefully upward!

Thanks to all the staffers who either worked or interned for us recently.  Most of you have taken what you learned and used it to move on closer to your personal goals.  Some have tried to forget about us entirely but to no avail!

Derek is now married and is working as a farm manager in Southern Minnesota.  I bet he can hang his own tv faster than anyone in his neighborhood!

Jeremy, who is enduring a life changing accident, is now taking the world over with a stylus and a pro Ipad in one hand.  He mixes weekly (on his ipads)  at a large church in Central Minnesota and is studying at SCSU college again next year.   We use his knowledge of all things electrical, & video, and use him in the studio whenever possible.  No one can text faster…….no one.

Charlie has blown everyone off here in MN and left us for no less than to star in Broadway and has completed NYC acting school.   Good for you Charles.  He is getting married soon (to what appears to be a lovely woman who WE WOULD LIKE TO MEET!) and traveling around with theatre troupes and performing at different venues around NY.   He will forever know how to hook up trailers in snowstorms, staple high ceilings and pick up after Jeremy and Gerry destroy something.   Stop in sometime charlie!

Lucas has graduated the UofM and is off pursuing a Chemical Engineers lifestyle, which we think must be pretty darn boring compared to climbing around under old moldy stages!

Lauren is back from Ireland and working on finishing college.   Maybe she will be back next summer!

Paul has a new job a well received business solution provider.  He is very corporate now with the clean smelling clothes, nicely prepared hair, and business attache case with corporate logo on it!    He is enjoying seeing some different parts of the state on service calls and enjoys the “9-5 structured job” vs the “go til we fall down” approach and learning lots of new technologies.  He is still involved  here in the studio and video training for clients.

Brad has now completed his Masters of Philosophy from UofW and is pursuing a career.   How insulting to be pushing towards a real career!  haha.

Mary has a new job managing an appliance repair center which was close to home and flexible.

We are always thankful for your inquisitive questions, steadfast help, and smiles.


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