Trio Lorca CD released

The somewhat avante garde group formed by SCSU faculty, the Trio Lorca, have completed their CD project.     Involving the interesting instrumentation which includes a flute, marimba, and female soprano vocal, this project was right in our wheelhouse.

After several on-location multi channel DSD recordings, which we of course broke out the old vintage tube mics using funky pick up patterns and post war preamps, the capture was fun and exciting.    Back in the studio some old recordings were edited down to sit alongside the new recordings and from those tracks a nice diverse CD was derived.

Mixing was down mostly in the box (as per budget constraints) and then mastered back through the Harrison Console and then utilized a pile of Dave Hill’s Crane Song outboard gear wired straight into the DSD master maker.   After a couple of client discussions, we quickly arrived at a final satisfying sound, and just like that, another valuable (albeit somewhat odd )finished product.

You can find Trio Lorca online at their website.


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